Proposal of accepting Islam to the King of Egypt

In fact, the Hudaibiya treaty was proved an incredible event for Islam as the Messenger of Allah-Almighty had thought. No doubt, at the time of signing on the Hudaibiya treaty, it seemed that treaty was entirely against the Muslims because all the conditions were one-sided. Despite the conditions of Hudaibiya, Allah’s Apostle signed the treaty and withdraw to perform Umrah.

Sahaba e Rasool could not understand why Rasool (SAW) admitted the one-sided conditions of Hudaibiya and not perform Umrah. Certainly, that Umrah was not suitable due to bloodshed in the Holy sanctuary of Makkah. However, pilgrims should choose Umrah which is suitable for them. And for that purpose Cheap Umrah Packages 2020 is being offered for pilgrims which is most suitable for UK Muslims. So, Sahaba inwardly realized that Hudaibiya treaty would be better for them. Thus, in no time all the Sahaba came to know the strategy behind the Hudaibiya treaty when they perceived the evolution of Islam beyond the Arab Peninsula.

The reason for accepting Hudaibiya conditions was apparently that Muslims relaxed from wars and they had much time to spread the message of Islam in different states by the order of Allah’s Apostle. They reached different from the invitation of Islam written by Muhammad (SAW) to give the message of Islam. The first message was sent to Khusru Pervez who disappointed Muslims because of denying the message. But Prophet Muhammad (SAW) did not give up and continued the flow of invitation for Islam.

The objective of Hudaibiya treaty was started from the Negus “the King of Ethiopia” who accepted the proposal of Islam and announced be a Muslim. Similarly, Heraclius too admitted the qualities of Allah’s Apostle. The fourth proposal was sent to the Byzantine Empire Governor-General of Egypt known as Muqawqis. That blessed delivering of the letter got Khatib Ibne Abi Balta with the interpretation: “Peace to you. I am sent as a true Prophet who evokes the lessons of Jesus. So, accept Islam for getting the huge Divine reward. But, if you turn away, you will be burned along with those who turn away. Come to a common word between us and you and that is worshiping of only one God but not associated with something else or showing the activity of Shirk”.

Today we see that pilgrims who go for Hajj or Umrah also show shirk while kissing the black stone. It is entirely prohibited to kiss Blackstone maximum time. If you go for Hajj or Umrah through Hajj and Umrah Package, Tour Guide, or Travel Agent in the UK you should avoid such activity. The second caliph Hazrat Umar said that he knew Blackstone neither harm nor benefits, he kissed it because his Rasool had kissed.
Even the ruler of Egypt did not accept Islam but he respected the proposal of Islam as Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and sent abundant gifts for the honor of the Prophet. He did not show strictness to those who wanted to convert Islam. Thus, in no time plenty of people started to enter in Islam. Moreover, they also moved towards the holy city of Mecca to perform Umrah because of their salvation and getting the huge blessing of Allah (SWT).