Are the Quranic Verses and Scientific Facts Same?

are the quranic verses and scientific facts same1

Its knowledge is not confined to the people of same nation and era but, for all. The best place to recite the Holy Quran is Holy Haram and people visit it through Family Ramadan Umrah Packages 2019 Islam helps us in every aspect of life such as

• Social
• Economical
• Political
• Anthropological

But, among the numerous factors Quran meets with Science and scientists that discover now, Allah is mentioned in the Holy Quran, 1400 years ago. They also believe in the facts of the Holy Quran. Various of the Quranic Verses that were exposed at that time was verified by science virtually a thousand years far ahead. This shows that Allah is the Creator of this universe. Now let us see the facts which are the same in the Quran and science.

• The Formation of Life
• The Fortification of Sky
• The Occurrence of Iron
• Enlargement of Universe
• Movement of Mountains

The Formation of Life

Allah is mentioned in the Quran, water is a basic element of the formation of living beings in this universe. This same thing is verified by science that human body cell contains the 80 percent water and cytoplasm term is used for this. This shows that Allah is Great and He says in the Holy Quran,

“…We made all existing thing from water. Will, they do not have faith in?” (Quran 21:30)

are the quranic verses and scientific facts same


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The Fortification of Sky

Allah provides the roof in the form of the sky and it’s a protective ceiling for humans. Science also agrees that the sky is a shield which protects us from dangerous radiations and cold. The Allah Says in the Holy Quran,

“We completed the sky a shielding ceiling. And yet they are rotating away from Our signs!” (Quran 21:32)

Enlargement of Universe

Every year, there are hundreds of changes occurred and through a hundred years, it is expanding. The scientists also have proved that this universe is larger and elder. Allah Says in the Quran,
“And it is We who have made the Universe with (Our original) supremacy and keep expanding it.” (Quran 51:47)

I hope you get the points that Allah is Great and Creator of this universe. We must thank Allah for His blessings. The best way is just to visit the House of Allah with Special Umrah Packages 2019.